App Installation for RockChip Boxes with APK Installer4.4Full

On your last step, you clicked APK Installer. Doing that will bring you to a new menu. From this menu, click App Install.

  1. On the right side, scroll down to Download and Click it.
  2. Scroll to MX Player and click it.
  3. Scroll to Install and click it.
  4. Click Open when it’s finished. Allow any permissions, some boxes have permissions, some don’t.
  5. Scroll down to Titanium and click it.
  6. Scroll to Install and click it.
  7. Click Open when it’s finished. Allow permissions if asked. If prompted, choose MX Player as the default player. If asked if you want to use Titan/Yes Player, choose No.

Now all of the new apps are installed. Click Escape or the back button to get back to the main screen.

For Titanium, if you didn’t get the prompt to choose default player, you’ll want to set that up the first time you open it in Kodi. Go to the three lines in the top left corner and click it. Go down to the bottom and click Settings. Arrow down to Choose Default Video Player, click it. Choose MX Player from the list.

Install MyGica Media Centre

1. Scroll over to MyGica Media Centre. If you don’t see it on the main screen, click Apps/My Apps. It’s in there.

If your tv box has a “+” at the bottom, you have a shortcut bar. To add any apps you like to the shortcuts, click the “+” then click the app you want to add, like MyGica Media Centre. See the green checkmark that’s appeared? That shows you have selected that app. If you want to remove an app, click its icon to remove the green checkmark. When you’re done, click Escape or back and the added apps will appear in the shortcut menu. 

Now to set up the Kodi build.

2. Click MyGica Media Centre.

3. Click the gear wheel found in the top left-hand corner.

4. Click System Settings found in the middle on the right-hand side.

5. Scroll down to Add-ons. Arrow over to Show notifications. Click OK to turn the toggle to on.

6. Arrow down to Unknown Sources. Click OK to turn the toggle to on.

7. Choose Yes for the pop-up window.

8. Press Escape or back twice.

9. Scroll down to Add-ons. Click it.

10. Arrow up to the open box icon on the top left. Click OK.

11. Scroll down to Install from Zip File. Click OK.

12. Scroll down to External Storage. Click OK.

13. Scroll down to Download. Click OK.

14. Scroll down to Click OK.

15. Wait a few moments and a pop-up menu will appear.

16. Scroll to Keep My Trakt and click OK to fill in the circle.

17. Scroll to Keep My Real Debrid and click OK to fill in the circle.

18. Scroll to Keep My Favourites and click OK to fill in the circle.

19. Scroll to Continue and click it. 

20. A pop-up will appear. Click Build Menu.

21. Scroll down to Home Arcade In A Box: Fresh Install. Click it.

22. Click Continue.

Should the update wizard time out and get stuck on a generic blue screen with white words, use the directions in this video to restart it.

23. When the update wizard is done, click Force Close. And you’re done!

You can access any of the apps you installed by arrowing down to their name and clicking on it. Clicking Movies/TV won’t do anything, we don’t have it linked to anything. Same with FreeFlix and Cyberflix, they won’t run on an OS 4.4 box so although you will see those names in the menu, clicking them won’t do anything.