Buffering Solutions

To start, what is an android tv box?

An android tv box is a mini computer that connects to streams available on the internet and allows them to be displayed on your tv. When you first open Kodi, your tv box will start running maintenance and installing any auto updates that are available. Give it a minute to get its background work done before you start searching for shows. If you start right away, it will lag as it’s trying to do many tasks at once.

There are basically two things you need for good streaming. A fast internet download speed on your end and a fast internet upload speed on the third party sender’s end.

Download Speed on Your End

First and most importantly, what download speed is your tv box getting right now?
It’s important to check download speed directly on the box itself as a number of factors such as distance to the modem, number of people in your house also using internet, etc can affect the download speed your tv box is getting. Testing on your phone or computer won’t tell you anything about the speed on your tv box, which is where it matters!

Your internet speed can fluctuate, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, so this is a good one to see if that is the issue.

Go to either Chrome or the Browser on your tv box and type in fast.com. This website will run a speed test and give you a number. That’s your download speed. You want to see a consistent minimum of 25 Mbps or higher for good streaming. If you have less than 25 Mbps, we strongly recommend you sign up for a Real Debrid account, read below for more info on Real Debrid.

Upload Speed on the Third Party Sender’s End

You can’t control the upload speed on the sender’s end, neither can we. Free streaming content providers are all third party. What streaming does is uses add-ons and apps to connect to links available over the internet from third party servers. If you have chosen a slow or poor quality server, you’ll have buffering.


1. If you don’t have the latest Kodi build and the latest apps, you’re connecting to old, out of date links. If you haven’t updated your build recently, do this first. You can follow the how to update instructions found under Update Tutorial.

2. Some apps and add-ons perform better than others. Our build is loaded with lots of apps and add-ons, if one’s not performing well, you can try another.
We’ve found the apps under the heading Android Apps to be the best, fastest sources, that’s why we placed them at the start of our menu. Something to be aware of, Cyberflix and Titanium both put the biggest files at the top of their links list. Watch those numbers, ie: 1080p – OnlineSeries [VidBox][450 MB] The “450 MB” indicates file size. A bigger file is going to take longer to come in and is more likely to buffer. Choose a link with a mid-range file size.

2. If you start a show and it’s buffering, exit out and try the next link. Some links are good, some aren’t.
To note: Cyberflix has labeled faster links RAPIDVIDEO. If you see a link with this in the title, choose it. Not all shows will have a RapidVideo link.

3. Free has its limitations. We are at the mercy of third-party providers pushing streams to us. Some will be fast, some won’t.
Real Debrid is a paid service that gives you access to better, faster links.
We use Real Debrid even with Shaw 150. Why? Ease of use and we are able to stream links with 1080p and 5.1 surround sound with no issues.
It’s a great value at 16 euros for a 6-month subscription, or about $25 CAD for 6 months use.
Click here for a video that explains Real Debrid and how to sign up for it.

Their website is www.real-debrid.com

4. IPTV is rebroadcasted cable with live channels you can flip through. It’s got all the sports, live tv and news channels and foreign content you could possibly want.
Click here for a video about Vader Streams, an IPTV service we have used and liked.
Their website is www.vaders.com.

See their website for pricing.

We are not affiliated with Vader Streams or any of their related services, we’re their customer and like their service so we recommend it to you. You will need to contact them directly for more info.