Chrome Download

Read these instructions on your phone, tablet or computer. Do the steps on your tv box.

1. Click Chrome, if your tv box already has it, or Browser (found in Apps) on your tv box and type the following into the address bar,

2. Click the blue rectangle that says “Latest Version”. You may have to scroll down the page if there is a large ad.

3. Click the green rectangle that says “Download”.
Allow any permissions.

4. Watch for the downloading message that says Downloading or Download Started, etc.

5. Depending on your internet speed, give the download a minute or two to come in.

Now to install Chrome

1. Press the home button or back/escape to return to the main screen.

2. Go into Apps.

3. Go to File Browser and click it.

4. Click on Local Disk.

5. Click on Download.

6. Click on the Chrome file and click Install. If you don’t see Chrome here, it didn’t come in yet. Escape out and give it another minute or so to come in then re-open File Browser again.

7. Click Done and exit back out to the main screen.

Now your tv box has Chrome, it can be found under Apps.