Do I Need a 5G Wifi Capable TV Box?

5G wifi is great over short distances coming in at almost twice the speed as the 2.4 network. 

However 5G wifi has limitations.

It does not do as well over long distances and it does not pass well through doors, floors, or walls.

The 2.4 wifi network goes through doors, floors and walls.

Also most newer modems can push the 2.4 network signal really far.

The best setup would be a wired connection using an ethernet cord.

If your speed is on the slower end, see if you have any options with your internet provider to speed it up. Hardwiring the tv box directly to the modem will give it the best possible connection and will ensure you’re not dropping the wifi signal. You can do that with an ethernet cord or if your modem is further away, a powerline ethernet adapter. You can google “powerline ethernet adapter” to see what it’s all about and where to get it if that’s something you would like.

Here’s a link to a powerline adapter sold on Amazon,