New Customer FAQ

Where are you located? Click here

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Why buy from Home Arcade In A Box? Click here

What is the difference between the different models of tv boxes? Click here

How often should I update my tv box? Click here

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Current Customer FAQ

How do I clear out old files I have downloaded? Click here

I have an older (OS 4.4) tv box and my Kodi menu has changed and does not look right.
How do I fix that? Click here

I was doing an update in Kodi and I got an error.
Now all I see is the default Kodi blue screen.
Is there a way I can get that stuff back? Click here

My game controller no longer works in Kodi after I updated.
How do I fix that so my game controller works again? Click here

What is that + button for at the bottom of my tv box’s home page? Click here

I want to change the shortcuts on my Zoomtak.
How do I do that? Click here