Full Update for TV Boxes Running OS 5.1 & Higher-Video

Read these notes first:

The factory installed Browser on your tv box may not allow you to download files you need from our website. Therefore use Chrome as your internet browser. You can find Chrome either along the bottom of the main screen or in Apps. It looks like this:If your tv box doesn’t have Chrome on it, click here for instructions on how to install it.

IMPORTANT! Play this video on your smartphone or tablet beside you while you do the steps on your android tv box. Take your time. Watch a step, pause the video and do the step, and so on.

The update wizard may time out and get stuck on a generic blue screen with white words. Should that happen, use the directions in this video to restart it.

Your tv box may have a different interface than the one shown in the video. All tv boxes have the same general menus so pay attention to the directions given, ie. Settings on your tv box may be in a different spot than the one shown in the video so look at the screen you have to locate it.

Since this video was made, we have removed Tea TV, Tea Player and Morpheus from the build, therefore you won’t see them on the Download Page. We are now using FreeFlix and Titanium TV. Install Titanium TV and FreeFlix in the same way shown with the former Morpheus/Tea TV.

After you have read the notes above regarding the changes that have happened since this video was made, click here to access the update video.