How Does An Android TV Box Work?

To start, what is an android tv box?

An android tv box is a mini computer that runs an Android OS allowing it to act as a go-between from your internet and the tv. Using links provided by third-party developers, you can find content/shows on the internet and stream it to your tv screen.

Our android tv boxes run Kodi as a platform and are loaded with apps you click on to access their links. TV shows, movies, sports, cartoons, fitness videos and more are available but they are not on channels like cable. Instead, you search for a show title, similar to how you would in Netflix. There are no commercials.

For more in depth info and a look at our android tv box Kodi build, please watch our demonstration video, here or read below.

Can I watch the shows I watch on cable and Netflix?
Yes, pretty much anything you want to watch is available. And like Netflix, it’s available to watch whenever you choose. No need to PVR!

How soon after a show airs on cable will it available for streaming on the tv box?
Generally right away.

Can I get sports?
Yes you can. There are a variety of sports apps available to stream from.

What about local live tv?
Local live tv is available. However, live tv can be hit and miss. If live tv is important to you, you may want to keep a basic cable package or get a digital antenna to access local tv channels for free.

Do I need one tv box per tv?
Yes. Technically, you can move your tv box from tv to tv but we don’t recommend that as it’s hard on the HDMI port.

What speed internet should I have?
We recommend a minimum of 25 Mbps for better streaming. If your speed is slower than 25 Mbps, you’ll want to subscribe to a service called Real Debrid. To see what internet speed you have, go to That website will give you your download speed. We recommend you run a speedtest during peak hours (5 pm to 10 pm for a realistic idea of your speed).

Do I need to update the programming on the tv box?
Yes, streaming sources do go down and are replaced by new ones. There is no timeline for updating. Basically, if you find it’s harder to get shows as easily as you could previously, it’s time for an update. We have everything you need to update your tv box on this website under Update Tutorials. You don’t need any technical ability, if you can follow directions, you can update your tv box using our clear step by step instructions.

Can I cancel cable if I use an android tv box?
That’s totally up to you. Some people do, some don’t.

Are there any monthly fees?
Not unless you choose to subscribe to an additional service such as Real Debrid or Vader Streams (IPTV).

Do I need to subscribe to Real Debrid or Vader Streams?
No, that’s personal preference. More info on both services can be found by clicking the highlighted words in the line above.

Do I need a Smart TV to use an android tv box?
No. As long as your tv has an HDMI port, you can use an android tv box.

I have a tv box I purchased elsewhere, can you put your programming on it?
Yes, as long as it’s running OS 5.1 or higher, we can for a $40 fee.