How to Setup Beast TV

Home Arcade In A Box is not in any way affiliated with Beast TV. We do not sell Beast TV or any other IPTV service nor do we support/troubleshoot Beast TV. If you have an issue with Beast TV, contact them directly.

For more info on Beast TV’s live IPTV streaming channels and to read their FAQs, see their website,
To install their app on your tv box, read below.

To sign up for Beast TV’s service,

On your computer, tablet or smartphone, go to Beast TV’s website;

Pick your package and pay for it. Shortly, you should receive an email with your username and password as well as some other helpful info, including how to turn off adult content. Keep this email from Beast TV.

Keep reading these instructions on a tablet or smartphone and do these next steps on your tv box.

Install the Beast TV App on your TV Box

Start on the main opening screen of your tv box, not in Kodi.

Go to Chrome and click it. Most tv boxes have Chrome on the main screen. If you don’t see it there, click on Apps, it’ll be in there.


Clicking Chrome will open a web browser page. Type in and go to this page.

Click the Beast TV photo below to download the Beast TV app,

NOTE: If you see the message “Chrome needs storage access to download files”, follow these steps:
-Click Update Permissions or Continue
-Click Allow (if your tv box doesn’t show Allow but instead opens a new screen like the one shown here, click this link)
-Close the internet browser window, this updates the permission
-Open the internet browser window again, type in and open this page
-Click on the Beast TV Download link above

Allow all permissions. Watch for a message that says, Downloading, Download Started, Download Complete, etc. 

Press the Home key on your keyboard or remote to return to the main screen of your tv box.

Go to Apps.

Look for either App Installer or APK Installer.
If your tv box has App Installer, read Section A.
If your tv box has APK Installer, read Section B.

Section A for App Installer:

Click App Installer
Click Local Disk
Click BeastTV
Click Install
Click Open
Click Add Account
Fill in the tabs and click Add Account
Continue below to read the final paragraph.

Section B for APK Installer:

Click APK Installer
Click APP Install
On the right side, scroll down to Download and click it
Scroll to Beast TV and click it
Click Install
Click Open
Click Add Account
Fill in the tabs and click Add Account
Continue below to read the final paragraph.

Final Paragraph

The app for Beast TV can be found under Apps.
If your tv box has a “+” near the bottom of the screen, you have a shortcut bar. To add Beast TV to the main page of your tv box, click the “+” then click the Beast TV icon. See the checkmark that’s appeared? That indicates you have selected that app.
If you want to remove an app, click its icon to remove the checkmark. When you’re done, click Escape or back and the added apps will now appear in the shortcut menu.