How to Install Chrome

How to Install Chrome 

The factory installed Browser on many tv boxes will not allow you to download the files you will need from our website.

Therefore you’ll first need to install Chrome and use that as your browser.

1. On your tv box, open Browser in Apps/My Apps and type in

2. Click on Download Page.

3. Click on the picture for Chrome. This will open a new website.

4. Click the blue Latest Version rectangle.

5. Click the green Download rectangle. Allow any permissions needed.

4. Watch for the Downloading message to flash across the bottom of the screen to confirm it is downloading.

Now to open it:

1. Press the home button or back/escape to return to the main screen.

2. Go into Apps.

3. Go to App Installer and click it.

4. Click on Local Disk.

5. Click on Chrome and click Install.
*Note, if you don’t see Chrome listed there, it didn’t download, try again and give it a bit more time to come in*

6. Click Done and exit back out to the main screen.

Now you can use Chrome, found under Apps, to download the files you need from our website.