Re-Install the Wizard – Firestick Using Chrome

You can update your Firestick using the remote it came with. However, updating is much easier if you have a Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad mouse.

You may already have one. The keyboard must have Bluetooth to connect to the Firestick and a touchpad mouse, if you don’t have one but want to get one, here’s a link to one available on Amazon.

Install Kodi and the Home Arcade Wizard

In order to download and install the new apps, you need the Chrome browser and Mouse Toggle or Chrome and a Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad connected to your Firestick.

First look for Chrome in the list of installed applications. On some Firesticks, you’ll see the Chrome icon. Others don’t show the icon, just a grey square. If you arrow over the grey square, it’ll say either Chrome or MX Player. The one you want is Chrome.
If it’s there, check to see which version is installed. It says on the right side of the screen under Version.

Older versions of Chrome don’t allow downloads to come in so if your Firestick has a version of Chrome less than 80.X.XXXX.XX, you’ll need to uninstall Chrome and install an updated version. Click Chrome then click Uninstall, Uninstall to uninstall it.

If you have Chrome version 80.X.XXXX.XX or higher, great! If not or you need to install a newer version, use the video below to learn how to install it.

Second, if you don’t have a Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad connected to your Firestick, look for Mouse Toggle. If you have it, great! If not, use the video below to learn how to install it.

How to Install Chrome and Mouse Toggle on your Firestick video – Click To Watch

Once you have Chrome and Mouse Toggle or a Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad installed, you can continue.

1. Open Chrome.

2. Type in
Note: If using the remote, you will need to activate Mouse Toggle as shown in the video above to access the address bar. Once you’ve accessed the address bar, deactivate Mouse Toggle by clicking the Play/Pause button once followed by clicking a directional arrow. Now you can use the directional arrows to type.

3. Go to the Login tab.
Login using the username and password you chose when you registered.

4. Go to the drop-down under Download Pages called “Download Page A”. If you can’t access Download Page A, let us know so we can update your profile.

5. Scroll down and click on Home Arcade Wizard Download.

6. Click Download if asked. Allow any permissions.

7. Click back to return to the download page.

8. Scroll to and click on Kodi Download.

  1. Click Download if prompted
  2. Allow any permissions
  3. At the bottom of the screen, it will say “Kodi ….apk.Open” Click on the word Open
  4. Click Install
  5. Click Open
  6. Allow permissions if asked

9. Click the gear wheel found in the top left-hand corner.

10. Click System found on the bottom right-hand side.

11. Scroll down to Add-ons. Arrow over to Show notifications. Click OK to turn the toggle to on.

12. Arrow down to Unknown Sources. Click OK to turn the toggle to on.

13. Choose Yes from the pop-up window.

14. Press Escape or back twice.

15. Scroll down to Add-ons. Click it.

16. Arrow up to the open box icon on the top left. Click it.

17. Scroll down to Install from Zip File. Click it.

18. Scroll down to External Storage. Click it.

19. Scroll down to Download. Click it.

20. Scroll down to Click it.

21. Wait a few moments and a pop-up menu will appear.

22. Scroll to Keep My Trakt and click to fill in the circle.

23. Scroll to Keep My Real Debrid and click to fill in the circle.

24. Scroll to Keep My Favourites and click to fill in the circle.

25. Scroll to Continue and click it.

26. A pop-up will appear. Click Build Menu.

27. Scroll down to Home Arcade In A Box: Fresh Install. Click it.

28. Click Continue.

Should the update wizard time out and get stuck on a generic blue screen with white words, use the directions in this video to restart it.

29. When the update wizard is done, click Force Close.

30. Click Home to exit back to the main screen. Done!

When you first open Kodi, it’s a good idea to give it a minute or two to complete its background work before scrolling through the menu, opening apps, etc. Watch for the weather icon to appear on the bottom right of the screen. When it appears, Kodi is done or close to done its background work and it’s now safe to scroll around, open apps, etc.

Unless you have a VPN (you’ll know if you do) or an active Real Debrid subscription on your tv box, do not choose a link that says “Torrent”. These are file-sharing links that play really well but will get a warning letter from your internet provider. Typically these links are found in the Kodi add-ons but may be in the Android Apps as well.