Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a premium stream provider with powerful, dedicated servers that can push shows to you faster than free sources, meaning they start quickly and rarely buffer.  

For those concerned about privacy when streaming online, Real Debrid has the added bonus of acting as a VPN. When you connect to a Real Debrid link, it shows only that you are connected to Real Debrid, your internet service provider can not see what you are streaming.

Real Debrid links are either labeled with an RD, Real Debrid or shown in a different color than regular links making it easy to see which link to choose.

We’ve noticed several apps and add-ons are now recommending you use Real Debrid with them, some add-ons even require it! If you see a link that says RD Only or Real Debrid Only, that link won’t play unless you have Real Debrid.

It’s a great value at 16 euros for a 6-month subscription, that’s a one-time payment of approximately $24 CAD for 6 months use, or $4 a month! If you want an inexpensive trial, you can also buy a 15-day subscription for just 3 euros (about $5).

This link shows you how to sign up for Real Debrid and connect to your account to your tv box’s apps and add-ons. If you prefer written instructions, use this link.

Their website is

For Real Debrid troubleshooting, click here.