Real Debrid

On this app, Real Debrid links appear purple, regular links appear white.
For this show on this app, there are 6 Real Debrid links compared to 2 public links.

What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid is a premium stream provider with powerful, dedicated servers that can push shows to you faster than free sources, meaning they start quickly and rarely buffer.  

For those concerned about privacy when streaming online, Real Debrid has the added bonus of acting as a VPN. When you connect to a Real Debrid link, it shows only that you are connected to Real Debrid, your internet service provider can not see what you are streaming.

Real Debrid links are either labeled with an RD, Real Debrid or shown in a different color than regular links making it easy to see which link to choose.

We’ve noticed several apps and add-ons are now recommending you use Real Debrid with them, some add-ons even require it! If you see a link that says RD Only or Real Debrid Only, that link won’t play unless you have Real Debrid.

It’s a great value at 16 euros for a 6-month subscription, that’s a one-time payment of approximately $24 CAD for 6 months use, or $4 a month! If you want an inexpensive trial, you can also buy a 15-day subscription for just 3 euros (about $5).

Of course, Real Debrid won’t help if your tv box has old, out of service apps and add-ons so you’ll want to update your tv box, if you haven’t recently, before you sync with Real Debrid. How do you know if your apps are out of date? Easy!

Download Page B on our website has a complete listing of the apps we’re currently using and their version numbers. You can compare these apps and their version numbers to what’s on your tv box. If the version number of the app on your tv box is lower than the one on Download Page B or you have apps on your tv box that are not on Download Page B, they’re out of date apps and should be uninstalled and replaced with the latest apps.

On the main screen of your tv box, open Settings (may be a picture of gears). Scroll to Apps and click it. There you’ll see a listing of apps on your tv box. If you click an app, it will display its version number.

To install the latest apps, you can either follow the instructions on Customer Info, bring your tv box to us, or book a remote update

Note that you’ll still need to watch file sizes. Some Real Debrid files are massive. The bigger the file, the longer it will take to come in which means longer to start and more chance of buffering. You can see the file size at the end of the name of the link, for example, HD – WatchEpisodes[MixDrop][DEB][350MB]. In this example, 350 MB is the file size. Don’t choose the biggest file.

Be advised that Real Debrid only allows one IP address to be used per account. You can use Real Debrid on as many devices as you want as long as they are using the same IP address. Real Debrid subscription does not allow you to share your account with others outside of your household. If you do, Real Debrid may ban you from using their service.

This video link shows you how to sign up for Real Debrid and connect to your account to your tv box’s apps and add-ons. If you prefer written instructions, use this link.

Their website is

For Real Debrid troubleshooting, click here.