How to Sign Up and Set up Real Debrid

Step 1:

Open an internet browser on your phone, tablet or computer. Type in
On the top right of your web browser, you will see Sign Up. Click it.
Sign up.
You will receive a confirmation email from Real Debrid.
Go to the Premium Offers tab and choose a package, we recommend the 6-month package for best value.

Step 2:

Using your cell phone or tablet, open up an internet browser window. Type in It’s a good idea to save this to your Favourites or Bookmarks.

Step 3:

Open Kodi on your tv box.
Scroll to Update Kodi.
Under Update Kodi, you will see Add Real-Debrid 1. Click it.
A number will come up. Put the number that comes up on your screen into your cell phone/tablet. Be aware your code may use the number 0 or the letter O. If your code didn’t work the first time, try again. You will get a confirmation that Add Real-Debrid 1 has been signed in.

Step 4:

Beside Add Real-Debrid 1 you will see Add Real-Debrid 2.
Repeat step 3 for Add Real-Debrid 2.

Step 5:

In Kodi, scroll over to Android Apps. Open Cyberflix. Click the three lines in the top left corner. Go down to Settings. Scroll down to Real-Debrid, scroll down a ways, it’s pretty far down. Click on “Login to Real-Debrid”. A number will appear. Put that number into your cell phone same as you did in Step 3.

Step 6:

Exit out of Cyberflix by clicking the back button or Escape until you exit. Now click on Titanium. Repeat Step 5 using Titanium.


Typically Real Debrid links will appear in a different color than the usual white links. They may also have a RD in front of them.