Simple Update for OS 4.4 Boxes


OS 4.4 tv boxes are reaching the end of their usefulness. They can not support the newest apps (FreeFlix and Cyberflix) but can still run Kodi 17, all Kodi add-ons and Titanium. 

If you want to be able to use FreeFlix and Cyberflix, it’s time for a new tv box.

First: Clear The File Browser

It’s a good idea to start by clearing the File Browser. Every time something new is downloaded onto your tv box, it gets filed away in the File Browser. Clearing the File Browser will prevent confusion should you have past files downloaded.
Not all tv boxes have a File Browser, if yours doesn’t, you don’t need to do this.

How to clear the File Browser video link here.

Second: Uninstall Old Apps

1. Start on the main opening screen of your tv box. Scroll over to Settings.
On some boxes, you may need to then go to Advanced or Other or More Settings.
Some boxes may have a picture of a gear or screwdriver instead of the word Settings.

2. Scroll to Apps. Click it.

Note: You may not have all apps listed below on your tv box. Uninstall the ones listed below that you do have. ONLY uninstall the apps listed below.

3. Scroll to Morpheus.
*Don’t have Morpheus? Scroll to any of the titles listed below Step 5 that you do have on your tv box and uninstall them.*
Click it.
Scroll to Uninstall and click it.
Some boxes require clicking OK and OK.

4. Now scroll to MX Player.
Click it.
Scroll to Uninstall and click it.

5. Repeat Uninstalling for any of the apps below that appear on your tv box.

Tea TV

T Player


Titanium TV

Yes Player

Now you’ve uninstalled all old apps. Click Escape or the back button to return to the main opening screen.

Third: Install New Apps

1. On your tv box, open Chrome. You may have Chrome already in your shortcut menu or it may be under Apps/My Apps.
Don’t have Chrome? Instructions to download it are here.
Don’t use Browser, it may not let you download the files.

2. In Chrome, type in and go to the Download Page.

3. Click on MX Player to download it.
Allow any permissions, some boxes will ask, some won’t.
Watch for the message at the bottom of the screen that says “Downloading” or “Download Started” or “Download Completed”.
It may flash on and off quickly so watch for it to confirm the download has started.

NOTE: If you see the message “Chrome needs storage access to download files”, follow these steps:
Click Update Permissions/Continue
Click Allow
Close the internet browser window, this updates the permission
Now open the internet browser window again and repeat Step 3

4. Once you have seen the “Download Started” message for MX Player, you can go back to the Download window and click on Titanium.
Allow any permissions.
Watch for the “Downloading” or “Download Started” or “Download Completed” message to pop up.
After you see the “Downloading” message, you can proceed to the next step.

5. Click the Home button on your mini keyboard or remote to return to the main screen.

6. Go to Apps/My Apps. Click it.

7. Click on App Installer.
If your tv box says APK Installer, click it and then click here for instructions specific to your box.

8. Click on Local Disk.
You should see your files there. If you do, continue to Step 9.
Don’t see any files in Local Disk? Read below:

a. Exit App Installer and scroll to File Browser
b. Click on Local Disk
c. Scroll to and click on Download
d. You should see your downloaded files there. If not, go back to the Download page of the website and click on any download that didn’t come in and give it more time to come in. Watch for the message to say the download has started. After giving it more time to come in, return to Step 7.
e. Continue to Step 9.

9. Click on MX Player. Click Install.

10. When it’s done, click Open. Allow permissions if asked. Click escape or back to return to the installer menu.

11. Click on Titanium. Click Install.

12. When it’s done, click Open. Allow permissions if asked. Choose MX Player when prompted. If asked if you want to use Titan/Yes Player, choose No.

If you didn’t get the prompt, go to the three lines in the top left corner and click it. Go down to the bottom and click Settings. Arrow down to Choose Default Video Player, click it. Choose MX Player from the list. Now you can exit back out to the main screen.

And you’re done installing the new apps!

Finally: Update Home Arcade In A Box’s Kodi Build

Open MyGica Media Centre.
Give it a minute to start all of its background programs. When you see the temperature appear at the top center, it’s ready to go.

Scroll left to Update Build and click it. Choose Continue.
Should the update get stuck on a blue screen with white words, click here for instructions to restart it.

When it’s done, click Force Close. And you’re finished!

You can access any of the apps you installed by arrowing down to their name and clicking on it.
Clicking Movies/TV won’t do anything, we don’t have it linked to anything.
Same with FreeFlix and Cyberflix, they won’t run on an OS 4.4 box so although you will see those names in the menu, clicking them won’t do anything.