Typhoon’s Buggy Update

Typhoon released an update that was buggy. They quickly released another good update but it looks like if you updated to the buggy version, 2.1.9 and then tried to update with the fixed version,, the bugs remained. What you need to do is completely wipe Typhoon off your tv box and download the good version from our website. Here’s how,

First: Delete Typhoon from File Browser

1. Start on the main screen of your tv box. Not in Kodi or any programs.

2. Go to Apps and click it.
If Apps isn’t labelled on your tv box, click this link to see photos of the Apps icons.

3. Scroll to File Browser and click it.
Most tv boxes have their apps listed in alphabetical order.

4. Arrow to Local Disk and click it.

5. Click the first rectangle at the top left of your screen. It’s the one with the checkmarks and lines. After you click it, it will appear highlighted yellow.

6. Scroll down to Typhoon and click it. A green checkmark should appear at the right side of the screen on the same line as Typhoon.

7. Back at the top of the screen, click the second rectangle from the left. This one has dots and a pencil.

8. A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll down and click Delete.

9. Now exit back out to the main screen of your tv box. Tv boxes running android version 9.0 and using a mini keyboard, the right mouse button is your escape button.

Second: Delete the Typhoon App

1. Go to Settings.
On some tv boxes, Settings is labeled on some, it is a picture of gears or a screwdriver and gears.
On some boxes, you may need to then go to Advanced or Other or More Settings.

2. Scroll to Apps and click it.
On some boxes, you may need to click See All Apps if you don’t see a listing of apps.

4. Scroll to Typhoon and click it.

5. Scroll to Uninstall and click it.
Click OK, OK as prompted.

6. Again, exit back to the main screen of your tv box.

Third: Download the Newest Version of Typhoon

1. On your tv box, open Chrome.
You may find Chrome on the main screen of your tv box if not, look under Apps/MyApps.
Don’t use Browser, it won’t allow you to open links.

2.  In Chrome, type in homearcadeinabox.com.
Go to the Login tab found on the top menu bar.
Login using the username and password you chose when you registered.

3. Go to the drop-down under Download Pages called “Download Page B”.
If you can’t access Download Page B, you need to update your version of Chrome.
Use these instructions to update Chrome.

4. If the Home Arcade website is already open from a past update, refresh the page.

5. Scroll down and click on Typhoon Download.

NOTE: If you see the message “Chrome needs storage access to download files”, follow these steps:
-Click Update Permissions or Continue
-Click Allow (if your tv box doesn’t show Allow but instead opens a new screen like the one shown here, click this link)
-Close the internet browser window, this updates the permission
-Open the internet browser window again, type in homearcadeinabox.com and click on Download Page B
-Repeat Step 4

6. You may be prompted to click on Download. If so, do.
Allow any permissions, some boxes ask, some don’t.
Watch for the message at the bottom of the screen that says “Downloading” or “Download Started” or “Download Completed”.
It may flash on and off quickly so watch for it to confirm the download has started.
Wait a minute to allow the download to come in.

Fourth: Install New Typhoon

1. Press the home key to get back to the main screen.

2. Click Apps.

3. Most tv boxes have App Installer. If yours does, click on App Installer.
No App Installer? Click on File Browser/File Explorer.

4. Click on Local Disk.
Using App Installer? You should see your files there.
If you do, continue to Step 5.
If you don’t continue to 4) a.
Using File Browser/File Explorer? Continue to 4) c.

4) a. Exit App Installer and scroll to File Browser
4) b. Click on Local Disk
4) c. If the first rectangle on the left is highlighted yellow, click it to un-highlight it.
4) d. Scroll to and click on Download

7. Click on Typhoon. Click Install.
When it’s done, click Open. Allow permissions if asked.
Choose MX Player as your default player.
If you don’t get a pop up asking you to choose your default player, you’ll need to set it manually. Go to the three lines in the top left corner and click it.
Scroll down and click on Settings. Scroll down to Choose Default Video Player, click it. Click MX Player.
Click Escape or back button.

Now you can exit back out to the main screen. Click Escape or back button several times to return to the main screen.

Done! In the future, you should continue to do the prompted updates, this one was buggy but that’s not the norm.