What is the difference between the different models of tv boxes?

All of our boxes have the same Kodi programming on them and all work in the same way. The price difference comes from the makeup of the box.

Looking for a tv box with the latest android OS and tons of storage space? The APEX Plus is running the latest android OS 8.1 with a quick S905Y2 processor and boasts 4G ram/32G rom giving it the space needed to run a fun RetroX games package and then some. Note: the APEX Plus does not have an Ethernet port but has excellent wifi connectivity and can connect to either the 2.4 or 5G wifi networks.

The MAX android tv box has everything the Apex Plus has and more! The MAX is running the latest android OS 8.1 and has a fast S905X2 processor. It’s got tons of storage built in with 4G ram/64G rom and can store even more with the ability to support a 2.5″ SATA drive! Like the APEX Plus, the MAX can connect via the 2.4 or 5G wifi networks and also has an ethernet port giving the option of a hardwired ethernet cable internet connection. The MAX features cooling vents for the best in heat dissipation. Finally, the MAX features a front clock display.

We support our boxes for their lifetime, therefore we only sell good quality tv boxes.